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Lincolnshire, UK

The original Boston. Boston Lincolnshire is a small town in England which the city in the US was named after. The site for a guide to the town as at . Also see and the site of Boston Borough Council at, and also The Lincolnshire Standard , The Boston Target and This Is Lincolnshire

The town of Boston is famous for Boston Stump, the biggest parish church in England, and the Pilgrim Fathers (epic voyage of The Mayflower), who tried to escape from Boston in 1607 with the intent of finding religious freedom in the New World. They were locked up. It was many years later before they managed to ESCAPE.

Boston is very proud of its past, and is a historic town with a lot of nice places for tourists to look at.

Although Boston has earned a terrible reputation for social problems, the town has recently (early zero-zeros decade) been culturally improved greatly by the influx of a vast contingent of people from diverse other places, including Eastern Europe and Portugal.

Companies and organisations in Boston listed so far at this site include: Spooky's, Katmandu, Gauntletts Books, Bycrofts Butchers, Boston Astronomers, Blackfriars Arts Centre , Eastern Automatics, Ant's Video Karaoke, Linda Moghul Salon of Transmogrification, 2nd To Nunn Computers, Kings Fish & Chips, Icon Boston , AA Cars, Cash Generator, J and B Motorcycles, Coneys, Jane's Party Shop,, The Axe and Cleaver, Bush Tyres, Cammacks, Armes & Co Ironmongers,, Artizan, Inkman, Marty, Poetica, Traditional Shoe Shop (was , Web Impact, Eclipse Nightclub, Boston United Football Club, Boston Town FC, Boston University of the Third Age (was, Garlands Interflora, Dell Haven Homes (was, Boston College, Infinity Disco , Boston Mayflower, Boston CVS (was, Kay Books, Soap Of The, Haven Online (was, Earlscroft Farm (self-catering in Boston Lincs), Boston Sub Aqua Club, Boston Limoscene, JES Electrical, Inner Balloon (was ), Sports Bike Shop, Frenz Hair Salon Welcome Back!, Lillo's Italian Restaurant, Maud Foster Windmill, and lists of Estate Agents, Valuers, Taxi firms, Car dealers, and Dispensing Chemists. Have I missed anyone? (e-mail to add here)

Also see Boston Stump, the Post Office, Boston Market, Hussey Tower, Bridge Foot, the Guildhall, Pilgrim Hospital and Boston Mental Hospital

Also see Felix Computers and Pilgrim Books, which are in the "Past Companies" category.

To get in touch with Boston Vegetarian Group, contact John Richards on Boston 350056

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Also see other places near to Boston, Lincs. For example, Spalding, a site for which was , and Alford, which was featured at by Elogicom, and independent websites Long (lost to cybersquatters) and Holbeach (seems to have become Russian), and in the other direction the village of Scredington. Also, . Links last checked 2009/07/31. Please report any Bad Links

Boston Lincs needs a bypass and a few other things. However, it doesn't get these things. The reason is, Boston is ruled over by Lincoln! It's like an old-style serfdom where the place is ruled over by the baronial Lincolnshire County Council, which has all the power and the locals have almost none. Never mind democracy, eh? There was a time when the Boston Bypass Party won a landslide democratic victory in the local elections and yet still the place has no bypass. This, and other things, make a mockery of the idea that the UK is somehow democratic. It isn't. It's a shambles. People are ruled over and authority is Imposed regardless of the will of the people, and irrelevant of the results of elections.