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The Myth of Democracy

Firstly, people don't vote FOR politicians

Also, even if it was a real democracy, it would not necessarily be an ideal system. There's a problem of "tyranny by The Majority".

But the specific Myth I'm going on about here is the idea that a "Parliamentary Democracy" or something like that is in some way a real democracy.

Politicians, once they've been elected, are seen preaching that they are doing the will of the people. It is this, the idea that what ends up being done is somehow what the people want, that is the MYTH!

What happens is that in an election, there are a limited number of candidates, and you have no choice but to vote for one or other of them. (There's another misconception that somehow it's fair because any person can stand for election. This is nonsense as they'd have no chance of getting in because the whole system is hopelessly rigged in favour of a few mainstream parties).

So, a particular political faction gets elected, usually because there is only one other choice and they are considered to be even worse! The problem is that then they have the gall to claim that people wanted them to be there! And, that any policies they happen to devise are somehow the will of the people. This is the ultimate in political pompous deception. You can see them saying: "Well, YOU voted for us, so now we can do anything we want, and it's YOUR fault!"

I have heard people say "Don't vote! It'll only encourage them!". However, it generally won't make any difference whether you vote or not, as the inevitable result will be that some political party or other gets elected and will then impose their will on the people. Even if you can't stop that happening, it's important to avoid being fooled into thinking it's democratic, when in fact it is more like a pseudo-democratically biased lottery for the appointment of a quasi-oligarchic tyrannical clique.

As regards the terminology, just by calling it "democratic" on the label doesn't mean we have to believe it. We might as well suppose the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the German Democratic Republic are/were "democratic". Just because UK politicians boastfully claim "The UK is a Parliamentary Democracy" it doesn't mean it's democratic at all. The UK is about as democratic as a pork sausage. Similarly in the US there is much banging-on about "free and fair elections". Who are they trying to fool? Americans aren't daft you know. Politicians might assume they are, but they'll sooner or later come a cropper!

Yes, but what if it really was a democracy?!

You don't have to agree with my viewpoint. Worth thinking about, though. Also, you can e-mail me if you'd like to make comment (please keep it polite!)