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How the order of this list is arranged

Political Parties (UK)

Official Monster Raving Loony Party - was

Green Party

United Kingdom Independence Party - not

Conservative Party

The New Party - was

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Party

UK Libertarian Party

The Pensioners Party - was

UK First Party - was

Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR)

Commonwealth Party

The Consensus - seems to have gone. Was

Natural Law Party

Labour Party

Scottish Nationalist Party

Plaid Cymru

English Democrats

Cornish Democrats - was linking to

Pirate Party UK - but also see the warning at

Independent - You can also vote for a candidate who is Independent and stands for what they believe in without being a member of a political party.

A much more complete list of Political Parties in the UK is available from any and all of the political parties generous enough to include it. See the Complete list provided by the Official Monster Raving Loony Party (well it WAS there!). Also see Political parties registered at Companies House (link from front page to "registers") - GONE!

If you are of a political persuasion and would like your favourite political party to be at a higher position on this list, you can make a contribution to the PRESTIGIOUS LIST (see How the order of this list is arranged). If you run a UK political party, then regardless of whether you pay me or not, you can be on this list. Just ask! e-mail me . If your party is not on this list here, don't be offended, get it included! And if you think the order should be different, (for example with YOU on the top of the list), see the Prestigious List.

In political matters it is important to be FAIR, so to give everyone a fair opportunity, I have initially arranged the list to contain political parties I have heard of, initially in a random order, and in neutral colours. For helpful constructive comments on fairness please e-mail at the above address. Furthermore, I have a business to run, and wish to make it known that payments made to my business will be welcomed and may be better value-for-money than some of the multi-million pound payments of a political nature made in the UK recently (2001/01).

It's a popular misconception that people vote FOR politicians. They generally don't. They vote against the other side! See more about this. There's also a myth of democracy that elected politicians are doing what the people want.

Here's another interesting take on voting practices at Toxic Drums Election Fever!