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Government contacts

Radiocommunications Agency (UK) - now Ofcom

MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food UK - was - list of world governments

European Union European Parliament, Council, Commission, Court of Justice, etc (.INT)

Department of Education and Employment - was - UK

Deutscher Bundestag

Office of the Prime Minister of the Bahamas - was

The USA Whitehouse

Financial Services Authority FSA UK - Business, Innovation, and Skills - a UK government initiative to upskill Britain

Inland Revenue UK Tax Office

Cabinet Office UK

European Ministry of Finance < This site was on an affiliate program here

Ministerio de Salud Panama - ministry of Health, Panama Government Information Service - gone! was

FBI - Yes, that's the actual FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as opposed to the FBI Hoax which is not!

Department of Health

British Monarchy

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Companies House


UK National Health Service

Department of Transport and Regional Services Australia - was

Kigali City - Rwanda

National Assembly for Wales / Cynulliad Cenedlathol Cymru - was

Meteorological Office

UK Home Office

Ministry of Defence

National Security Agency

Warm Front - energy saving initiative by the UK Government!

Central Office of Information

National Audit Office (Gone! Was

Benefits Agency / Department for Work & Pensions UK

Department of Social Security UK - - removed as this appears to be nothing to do with official government passports etc but is instead some microsofty thing. Note: Most governments who value their security are upgrading to Linux!

Boston Borough Council

UK Passport Agency (Gone! Was

Scottish Parliament

UK Treasury

10 Downing Street - was

Public Records Office

Ukstate - gone - was

Security Service MI5

Pension Guide - gone! was - instead see Xyroth's guide to pensions - government of Barbados - government of the Isle of Man

Scottish Executive

United Kingdom Parliament

Local Government Ombudsman for complaints about UK local council

Department of Trade and Industry

UK Political parties

Spectrum Auction website - was

Political parties USA

Oftel/ITC/IBA/Radio Authority/Radiocommunications Agency - now Ofcom

As is typical of a List of useful contacts at Zyra's website, this page is a mixed-bag from around the world made up of the combined additions from helpful people who each have their own experiences. If you'd care to add some more, you're welcome, (e-mail) but please be patient as there are a large number of pages being maintained by too few of us to make a perfect job of it!