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Political Parties (USA)

Democrats - officially The Democratic Party

Republicans - officially The Republican Party

US Tea Party - no taxation without representation!

Libertarian Party - personal freedom!

Ron Paul - revolution . Please note that the old site http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ seems to have been lost to CYBERSQUATTERS

Green Party USA - peace and ecological sustainability

Pirate Party USA - down with corporate patent/copyright autocracy

Constitution Party - family values, religious fundamentalism, and going back to oldfashioned ways of the old days

Independent - You can also vote for a candidate who is Independent and stands for what they believe in without being a member of a political party.

In political matters it is important to be FAIR, so to give everyone a fair opportunity, I have initially arranged the list to contain political parties I have heard of. I am sure there are more, and you may wish to tell me

Let's try to be fair to potential candidates. Even if they have "dabbled in christianity", it doesn't necessarily mean they are stuck with that belief-set.

In contrast, any political party that has serious ambitions towards promoting witchcraft, that might be really good! Magic is probably what's needed to save the economy!

It's a popular misconception that people vote FOR politicians. They generally don't. They vote against the other side! See more about this. There's also a myth of democracy that elected politicians are doing what the people want.