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North American Categories

Zyra's website is a global resource but some of the categories are specific to North America. That is; The United States, Canada, Mexico, and some of the countries further South! Here are the categories featured so far:

Car Accessories USA - includes an amusing translation dictionary

Jewelry - the spelling is different from that in the UK

Party Supplies

Bridal - Weddings in the USA


American Insurance - including Canada and Mexico as well as the United States

Real Estate USA
Also see some of the Real Estate categories in Central America (ie south of Mexico)... Costa Rica Real Estate , Belize Real Estate , and Panama Real Estate

American Football Teams

Ice Hockey Teams

Eye Doctors

Furniture USA

Toystores USA

Beauty and Skincare


Car Rental North America

Political Parties USA

Daily Deals - although not exclusively American, the idea of Daily Deals is something which tends to be more prevalent in the United States.


Other categories at this site are in the Global Categories, and there are plenty.

Having this American Categories page at Zyra.NET helps companies to avoid being confused when they see their company in the United States is being promoted in the United States by a website which has .org.uk on the end! The Internet is the International Net, so they should be able to cope. The pages on a website can be seen anywhere in the world.