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Costa Rica Real Estate
Houses and Land in Costa Rica; things to know about

When buying property in Costa Rica it's important to compare different places on offer and to make good decisions. Houses in Costa Rica vary greatly in price, and even if you are immensely rich it's important to judge properties, not on price, but on what you actually get for your money. Shop around! Things to consider about a real estate property are: size (how much property are you hoping to buy?), regional location (Costa Rica has many different regions which are quite different in character), altitude (and therefore temperature (higher = colder)), view (and future continuation of view - can anyone build in front of your house?), position (hillside, beach, city, forest, wilderness, etc), and how close the place is to local services. Also, watch out for potential natural hazards which might at some time occur. On the beach sounds good, but you know what a tsunami is? Also, there is some very fertile ground near volcanoes, but there is downside. Plus, flooding is more likely in some places than others. It's impressive how the drainage system in the capital city of San Jose copes with the amount of rain it gets.

I have looked at real estate in Costa Rica and noticed the amazing difference between places. If you were given a set of property descriptions and asked to guess the price each property for on sale for, your answers might very likely be wildly different to the actual prices being asked. Therefore, it's important to shop around and be sensible about it.

A few real estate property agents in Costa Rica are listed here, partly because I'd like to thank some of them for their help:

Andres Zamora
www.andresz.com and www.intertica.com

Oficina Ricardo Rojas Diaz

Unique Properties


Luxury Real Estate Group
phone (506) 643 6666 - not a realtor but someone who happens to have some nice houses for sale.

If you are considering moving to Costa Rica, one of the best contacts to know is www.arcr.net - the Association of Residents of Costa Rica. Also, if you want to look up "Estate Agents" or "Real Estate" in the Costa Rica Yellow Pages telephone book, the category is under "B" for Bienes Raices. The term "Bienes Raices" looks like it might mean "good race relations" but it is in fact Spanish for "real estate", "bienes" meaning "goods" and "raices" being to do with the fact the goods are tangible or immovable. Also see Meaning of the term BIENES RAICES

If you are selling a property in Costa Rica, one of the questions to consider is: Which is better? Private sale or Property Agent ?

If you are going to travel to Costa Rica, it's well recommended that you take a Lonely Planet guide book!

Here are a few more Costa Rica real estate companies:


Camara Costa Rica

Remax Oceansurf



Karen Realestate


Century21 Tambor Hills

...and others will be added as time goes on.

If you are selling a property in Costa Rica, one of the questions to consider is: Which is better? Private sale or Property Agent ?