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Places that stock stuff for Pets!

Especially in the USA and Canada

Petstores / Pet Accessories:


Pet Bounce

Pet Source

Automated Pet Care Products - including the cat litter robot, a space-age cat toilet

Perky Pet Bird Feeders

US Pets - online pet pharmacy in USA and Canada

Paw Parazzi

Cesar's Way

Vet Approved RX


The Paws

Animal Den

Pet Mountain

Total Pet Supply

Pet Street Mall

1st Pet Naturals

Pet Care RX

USA Pet Express

Pet Health USA

Chimp Feet - gifts for chimps (Only Kidding!)

Havahart Wireless - electronic dog fence

Healthy Pets

Sitter City

Only Natural Petstore

Pet Care Choice

Sit Stay

TSC Pets - USA - Accessories and drugs for your pets!

Also see Pet Drugs for medicines for animals

The following are Dead Links and form an ossuary. It's a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

Oh My Dog Supplies

Live Fish Store

Pet Safe

DNA Worldwide

The Ferret Store

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

In case you're interested, there are also pages at this site about Cats , Dogs , Goldfish , Pigs , Horses , Gerbils , Guinea pigs , Rabbits , and and other animals, connected from the page of Pets.

Also see Hypnotising a pet chicken - method explained.

Spiders as pets? If we had a page about that, it would also link from the Gothic category! However spiders are featured on the page of animals

Pets may be animals, but they are your friends. They are not fashion accessories. More advice about Pets here.