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Canines, hounds, mutts... Also see Pictures of DOGS. Plus here are a few DOG contacts to be going on with...


Dogs Trust

The Kennel Club - not to be confused with The Kembrel Club

http://www.akc.org/Dog Toys, treats, etc

Guide Dogs

Oh My Dog Supplies

Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Cesar's Way

Greyhound Megastore

Dog Racing - Greyhounds - betting

Dog's Health

Dog Toys

Crufts - classy dog show

Scrufts - alternative dog showJust for Dogs?

Discover Dogs

Dogs in Canada - domain http://www.dogs-in-canada.com lost to cybersquatters


Sit Stay Fetch - Dog Training and Behaviour Problem Solutions - was http://www.kingdomofpets.com/dogobediencetraining/ - blame it on the Clickbank Problem

Dog info at Purina - was http://www.purina.com/dogs/default.asp

DogPlay - helpful site

Dog food and accessories from Pet Planet

Working Dogs Cyberzine

Churchill DogChurchill Dog

Dogs Online.co.uk

Think Twice Before You Buy a Dog
Things to consider Before buying a dog!


Dogs Worldwide

Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online - was with Clickbank


www.geocities.com/my_pugsDigger the Dog

Dog Lost - Reuniting Lost Dogs With Their Owners

Terrific Pets

How about this? Unusual garden ornament Digger the Dog ?

Electric collar - cruel? - a balance in ways of thinking

Havahart Wireless Dog Fence


Anyway, Why don't you see white dog poo anymore? The mystery is solved. Also see Dog Poo Wormery for dog waste composting.

Also, to be IN THE DOG HOUSE means to be unpopular, presumably because a person who is temporarily unpopular might be shunned and locked out of the house and so would be residing in the dog house as the only remaining shelter? Anyway, a gift company has called themselves The Dog House on the basis that a person might be unpopular if they were to forget someone's birthday or in some other way neglect to present the appropriate GIFTS.

Care + training of dogs: Crosskeys Books

A dog on a hot day in an office, with its tongue hanging out, licking stamps? See footnote at the end of the page about Pitney Bowes franking machineHMV

Plus, a well-known bulldog as the mascot of the insurance company Churchill Insurance

Also, what do you think a Wine Hound is? That must surely be a creature that can sniff out a good vintage?

Then there's BIGDOGS which is a fashion brand which has lifestyle overtones!

Top Dog for music/dvd/games: HMV

Sometimes the term "DOG" is used figuratively, for example: fire dogs, hot dogs, watch dogs, etc.

The wolf's natural instincts to hunt in packs and to round up their prey was discovered by early humans to be adaptable to make them domesticated to round up sheep, with the shepherd becoming the pack leader. Humans selectively bred dogs from wolves to produce the wide variety of different kinds of dogs seen in the present day.

It's in the nature of a dog to be part of a pack. If you own a dog, then either you are the pack leader or the dog is. That's the way the dog sees it. Therefore it's in your interests to make sure that you are the pack leader.

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Anything else canine? Always adding more here!loans.co.uk

Also see... CATS