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Alcoholic drinks. Drinks that contain alcohol, various liquids which are good to the taste AND have interesting well-known psychotropic effects. Beverages which result in the drinker being psychologically charged-up, adjusted towards a reduction in inhibitions, and cheered up generally. The use of the drug Alcohol, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH, is generally regarded as a good idea, especially at parties. Remember: A merriment is not just for christmas!

Here are a few purveyors of alcoholic drinks, specialists in the provision of booze:


The Thrifty Shopper

Bud Shop

Majestic Online
Majestic Wine Warehouses is the UK's biggest and best retailer specialising in sales of wine by the mixed case, with 130 stores throughout the UK

Gifts To Drink

Brew It Yourself

Wine Thief

Wine Deal

Chateau Online

We Love Champagne

The Purveyor

Champagne Gifts 4U

Baileys Wine Merchants

Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies

Wine Gifts 4U

Mr Beer

Just Miniatures

Grape Vine Social

Buy Champagne

The Wine Cellarage

Vin Vino Direct Ltd

Simply Picnic

Sparkling Direct

Wine and Co

Grapes Wine

Dartington Crystal

The Wine Society


Atlantic Shopping - stools for you to fall off!

The Drink Shop

From Vineyards Direct

Wine Hound

Home Brew Online

French Bubbles


Beer Club On Sale

DIY Beer

Mini Fridge

Cellars Wine Club

After 5

The Beer Belly

The Beer Machine

Home Bar Central

NEXT Flowers and Wine

Flowers Direct

Adnams Cellar and Kitchen

The Whisky Exchange - purveyors of single malt whisky and other fine spirits

BRANDED BEER - beer or champagne with the label customised to have your name/image on it! Your own brand of beer/champagne? Could be fun.

Picnic Shop

Averys Wine Merchants

Vintage Wine Gifts

Freedom Beer (af)
Freedom was the original micro-brewery of the late 80s and it gained a loyal band of followers. After a very quiet 10 years or so, Freedom is back, relaunched by ‘Brothers Brewing’ a family venture headed by Steve Knight, creator of the ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ TV show, and film scriptwriter. The brothers have big plans for Freedom and will be producing perhaps the only true British premium lager beers.

DrinkStuff - Welcome Back!
Purveyors of the YooDoo Doll and a form of Econometer as well as other gadgets!

Last Orders (awin)

Potstill - fine Scotch Whisky and Irish Whiskey

Bibacity (awin)

Cream Cutie - worth much more than Diddly Squat!

Real Beer Box (awin)

Also see Wine and the PARTY category

Barmans.co.uk - Everything for the trade and domestic bar!

Alco Sense
A meter to aid responsible drinking!


Wine Cru

BarFly - set up your own boozer / pub / party venue at home! - could lead to a revolution against oppressive laws - see Smokeroom

How to Avoid a Hangover

Message in a Bottle - re-use of booze containers for international communication

When buying alcohol, check the percent vol! Some places are selling diluted alcohol and trying to fool you into thinking it's something stronger.

Also see the misconception about Percent Proof on the labels of alcohol.

In contrast to smoking, drinking has been found to lengthen life. It's a fact that moderate drinkers live longer on average than teetotallers.