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Beer Club On Sale

Get yourself a pint from America's small breweries, at the Beer Club On Sale website. This website is for people who enjoy their beer!

Beer Club On Sale:

"Beerclubonsale is one of America's longest-running monthly beer clubs.

Since 1994 it's been our pleasure to share the finest, freshest brews in the land with tens of thousands of people who can appreciate the best that America's small breweries have to offer.

- The finest, freshest brews in the land, direct to your door each month. Enjoy today's rarest, most flavorful microbrewed beers. Try a crisp, cold Honey Lager from rural Wisconsin. A full-bodied Wheat Ale from Colorado's high plains. Or a rich, extra-dark Porter from down-east Maine…every month it's an all-out celebration of America's best!

- We offer the best variety of any beer club in the country. Unlike other beer of the month clubs, our selection includes 4 different hard-to-find domestic varieties every month—a full 12-pack of rare craft beers (3 bottles each) from all over the United States, all freshly brewed in small batches for our members.

- The quality is unmatched; the freshness guaranteed. All monthly beer club selections are individually chosen by a distinguished panel of microbrewery industry experts, and specially ordered at the peak time of year for that variety. Your package arrives, brewery-fresh, during the 3rd or 4th week of the month.

- Our FREE newsletter brings inside information to the consumer. Every shipment includes the latest edition of Beer Expeditions™, monthly club newsletter. Explore the fascinating world of hand-crafted beer—and also get exclusive discounts on your favorites, available only to club members".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Beer Club On Sale

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