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Wine Hound

Release 'the hound', no not the Beskerville one! The Wine Hound, as they are sure to sniff out the best wines for you. You'd be barking mad to ignore them!

Wine Hound:

"It is unlikely you will ever find any of our wines on supermarket shelves, but you will find they are chosen and trusted by some of the most prestigious restaurants.

This means you can have complete trust in their excellent quality credentials and confidently enjoy new wines which the experts select and serve with pride.

Wine Hound’s selection has the seal of approval from top Sommeliers and is listed in some of the country’s finest restaurants, including Michelin star establishments, style bars and exclusive independent hotels.

We are very confident in our range, but not at all snobbish about wine. Our site is designed to offer great wines at great prices for everyone whatever their preference.

We want to provide a shopping experience that inspires you to try something different, confident in the knowledge that it already has the seal of approval from ‘the hound’ and industry experts. After all if they will trust their reputation to our wines then you know you can too!

Wine Hound delivers speciality wines and champagnes for all discerning wine lovers. Quite simply, you get better quality wine for your money at Wine Hound. With over 400 wines to choose from 11 countries with price points from £4 to £48 per bottle - there is something for all budgets."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Wine Hound

http://www.winehound.co.uk affiliate program was with Webgains. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Wine page.

Those helpful people at Winehound have sent in some helpful information on the subject of what wine sells best in the summertime. Apparently, during the June - August period, the most popular wines are Pinot Grigio (both normal and rose versions), Prosecco, New Zealand sauvignon blanc, Shiraz, unoaked chardonnay, and Chablis. The best selling champagnes were Laurent Perrier Rose, and Mailly Grand Cru Rose. Well, that was based on the summer of 2008, in preparation for the summer of 2009. A good year for wine?