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The Dog House

Don't be in the dog house for forgetting their presents. Visit The Dog House website and avoid being in it!

The Dog House:

"thedoghouse.co.uk: online gift shopping made easy!

Thedoghouse.co.uk was launched in December 2003 to provide an online gift catalogue with a reminder service. It has since grown substantially and now has over 850 products covering the following categories:

- Days Out and ExperiencesThe Dog House

- Flowers and Romance

- Toys and Games

- Gourmet and Culture

- Home and Garden

- Gadgets and Gizmos".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here to Go to Boys Stuff

http://www.thedoghouse.co.uk/ affiliate program was with old DGM PRO

You can try to contact The Dog House if you like. They have an address, phone, fax, and a suggestion that they might be available by telepathy. Unfortunately, telepathic pinging of them revealed they were not there and/or not receptive to telepathy. The phone wasn't helpful either. And, on their website it still says they are with DGM UK, which we know has gone into Administration.

It now appears they have somehow been redirected to Boys Stuff so that's where we have put the link.