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Pictures of Dogs

Photographs of canines, dog pictures, depictions of hounds, images of mutts. You can see higher-resolution versions of these pictures by selecting them...

Dogs* Four large Newfoundland dogs in a car.

Link on the image or see Loads of Dogs to see a larger higher-resolution version of this picture.

The dog needs to be exorcised* All dogs need to be exercised, but this dog appears to be in need of being exorcised.

Link on the image or see This dog needs to be exorcised to see a larger higher-resolution version of this picture.

Does this dog have a licence?* In the UK there used to be something known as a "dog licence". However, unlike in the picture, this was more like a car driving licence than poetic licence.

Link on the image or see Dog Provisional Licence to see a larger higher-resolution version of this.

Dogs chasing Ducks* These two large dogs have jumped in the river and are swimming across to try to catch two ducks. What is the chance they will be able to catch them?

Link on the image or see Dogs and Ducks to see a larger higher-resolution version of this.

Digger the Dog* What can this be? Something unusual to add to your garden. This, "Digger the Dog", is an item which is available for sale!

Link on the image or HERE to find out more about this.

Leaping Dog+ This is a white Alsatian dog with an unusual keenness to chase flying creatures, birds for example. What's amazing is the height to which the dog can jump.

No, this picture has not been meddled with. It's an actual snap of a leaping dog. More about this at www.h2o2.tv

Sitting Dog+ This exceptionally cute dog is a Westie, photographed in the few milliseconds of staying still amid frantic action.

Picture taken during a data reconciliation session at Stamp Demon

Churchill DogFamous dog seen on TV selling insurance. That'd be Churchill

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