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Copyright & Conditions of use of Photos etc at this site.

The stuff on the site is copyright © Zyra, but there is a realistic and reasonable set of conditions so you MAY use the items where this page has been stated to be the conditions.

Yes, you may copy such images if you are friendly and give me a LINK (and tell me - I'll most likely link back to you if you like).

For big commercial use, if you'd like to use stuff from the site in such ways as for example printing in a magazine, mass-producing as posters, etc, or where there's a lot of money involved, please tell me and we will haggle some amicable business. It needn't be expensive, as the extra fame and a free plug may help!

For correspondence on any of this, you are welcome to write in by e-mail (Please mention it's about the conditions. Usually quite helpful here)