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Digger the DogThis digging dog garden ornament is an unusual item which you could buy via the link on this page, and is much more professional than this other idea. "Digger the Dog" is 11 inches high and was priced at £39 last time I looked. So, there it is, a realistic-looking half-a-dog available for you to add to your garden! Here's what the people at Ancestral Collections say in their description of this item: "Something peculiar on your lawn…A small backside is protruding into the air, it looks exactly like a Jack Russell terrier! It is Digger The Dog, a most amusing sculpture of a dog's nether regions. Put him anywhere to cause maximum effect, under a tree, on the lawn, in a vegetable patch. He is solid but light enough to move where you want and hand painted to fool even the keenest eyed neighbour... Have fun!"Digger the Dog

Sadly this product is no longer available from this link, but we are trying to acquire a new link. Meanwhile, you can still visit to Ancestral Collections who still have a remarkable product range.


Ancestral Collections have offered us the Winestick as an alternative, which is nice for posh garden parties, but I don't think it's got quite the neighbour distracting ability of the famous DIGGER THE DOG. However, we have now got a special amicable arrangement with Mark of The Present Finder Ltd who has kindly taken the time to give Zyra's website a free promotion in return for us giving him this special link on this page, one of the few web pages dedicated to Digging Dog Garden Ornaments! If you'd like to order half a dog for your garden, the place to go is:


...and if you talk to Mark Ashley Miller, the owner of The Present Finder Ltd, (he was very busy last time we talked, organising the packing and sending out of vast stocks of ornamental dogs), please mention ZYRA put the word in!

www.thepresentfinder.co.uk - an amazing website, now helping to promote Zyra's amazing website too!

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