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Guide Dogs
for the Blind

A list of guidedog organisations

Guide Dogs for the Blind UK

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind / Cheins Guides Candiens

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association of Queensland

Guiding Eyes for the Blind New York

Southeastern Guide Dogs

Sponsor a

... and many more (please add)

Guide Dogs for the Blind, or "The Blind Dog", has always been known as a good cause.

Also, as well as accepting donations of cash, such charities have traditionally also accepted collections of "silver paper", ie aluminium foil, bottle tops, chocolate wrappers etc. Recycling before it became fashionable. Whatever happened to silver paper collection?. However, charitable collecting for the blind has moved on, and various things are being recycled including stamps, printer cartridges, and old mobile phones. Ask your local council for contacts!

The page of Guide Dogs for the Blind here at lists many organisations round the world. When the page was set up, a lot of the organisations did not have links to any of the others!

Please add to the list by writing to the e-mail page