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Mobile Phone Recycling

It's a fact that mobile phones go out of date and then you might wonder if you can recycle them. The good news is YES, you can, and better than that, you might get paid some cash for your old phone. Here are a few good contacts we have that will put your old mobile phone to good use and some of them will pay you for it:

Fone Bank *
Your old mobile phone swapped for CASH. Well Done!

Envirofone *
Mobile Phone Recycling.

Boots Recycle *
Even Boots the Chemists are now in on this and will offer Boots Advantage Card Points for your old mobile phone.

Love 2 Recycle *
the UK's friendliest mobile phone trading platform.

Cash 4 Phones *
top prices for Blackberry, not strawberries!

Go Green Mobiles *
try their Mobile Phone Scrappage Scheme

Cash My Fone *
make money from your mobile

Bozowi *
how much is your mobile worth?

Bright Swap *
get cash for your Smart phones

Eco Ur Mobile *
an environmentally friendly idea

Top Dollar Mobile *
recycle and re-use

Recycle Ur Phone *
Sumer phone recycling

Fone Craze *
sell your phone here

Go Pumpkin *
offering a 'working' or 'non-working' price

Cash In My Fone *
the postage is free

Mobile Phone Recycling UK *
two guesses!

8 Mobile *
Don't trash it. Cash it.

Gizsell *
Most types of mobile phones are accepted - working or not working!

Mobile Cash Mate *
cash for your mobile mate!

Royal Mail Simply Drop *
Royal Mail are now getting in on the act!

Sky Phones *
Sell your phone and pick up a new one!

Marks and Spencer Recycle *
Vouchers for mobiles and electrical goods!

Earth Mobile *(gone)
highest rates for Blackberrys.

Money 4 My Mobile *
part of Anovo UK Ltd.

Debenhams Mobile Recycling *
cash for mobiles and electricals.

Fone Hub *
that's fone hub and not Phone Hub!

Mazuma *
the UK's leading online mobile phone recycling scheme

Simply Recycle *
they'll recycle it or repair it!

Mobile Cash Monster *
cash for mobiles.

RPC Recycle *
sell or trade in your old phone.

Phone Recycle Bank *
Your old phone will most likely, end up helping someone in a developing country.

CMobile *
Donating a percentage of profits to renewable energy sources.

Green Tec *
Recycling phones and other electronics.

Sell Old Phone *
Makes your unused mobile phones available to those who can use them, while keeping them out of the landfill sites.

Mobile Phone Xchange *
You can swap your old mobile for a replacement or get paid cash for it.

In addition to Mobile Phones, you can also cash-in other gadgets via Gadgets 4 Everyone

The old phones go to good use. They are often refurbished and resold, and even if they are actually obsolete (for example old-style analogue mobile phones), they can still be used in other parts of the world where the old style networks are still regarded as new. The old 900MHz analogue phones work in some parts of Africa where a hand-me-down phone network is welcomed! Plus, if you've got a phone that's even older than the developing world can use, I would guess the phone recyclers have a few museums who would be interested.

Anyway, this is altogether a good thing, because it means that old equipment is put back into use somewhere, or treasured for posterity. These things are not just scrapped for the gold. They are re-used, which is better than just the basic recycling.

It is impressive to see how many enterprises, big and small, are getting into the business of mobile phone recycling.