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Cash for Old Mobile Phones

Make money with your old Mobile Phone and do something for the environment at Envirofone. It's not every day you can get cash for something you might normally throw away!


"envirofone.com is free to use, pays you cash for your old mobile and helps the environment.

Cash for Old Mobile Phones.

envirofone.com is the UK's first mobile phone trading platform that pays the general public to recycle their old mobile phones for cash.

By encouraging visitors to join envirofone.com and trade a phone, affiliates will receive a commission for every transaction.

Users are simply asked to look up their old mobile phone, see how much it is worth and then trade it in. Once they have done the trade, envirofone sends them a welcome pack that includes a freepost envelope. Once the phone is received they are tested and if they meet the terms and conditions users are paid cash.

There are over 80 million old mobile phones lying around in drawers and cupboards and many are thrown away when they could be worth up to £100".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here to Go to The Place!


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