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Earth Mobile

Can you really get the top prices for your mobile at Earth Mobile? Take a look at their website and see how much you can get for yours.

Please note that this page is now historical (see note at end), and you should look at other Mobile Phone Recyclers now they've gone.

Here's what they used to say...

Earth Mobile:

"Earthmobile Ltd are one of the leading mobile phone recycling companies in the UK, and will pay you some of the top prices available in the market.

It is a very simple process, simply choose your phone from our extensive list, register your details and select your method of delivery. We will keep you informed along the way, and once we have processed your phone your money will be with you in 7 days.

Its free and with over 60 million phones waiting to be recycled, the market for this service is huge.

Earthmobile offer highly competitive prices and a number of ways to send back you handset, including: Freepost Address or Freepost Trade in Pack or free courier service.

The highest rates available for Blackberrys in comparison to our competitiors.

Strong brand associated with environmental best practice".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


earth mobile

http://www.earthmobile.co.uk affiliate program was with Webgains. This has now gone and at EarthMobile's own site they said (2010/08): www.earthmobile.co.uk : WE REGRET TO ANNOUNCE THAT EARTHMOBILE HAS CEASED TRADING AS OF THE 9TH AUGUST 2010

Sorry to see they have gone. However, there are other companies in the Mobile Phone Recycling business.