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Dog Poo Wormery

Dog Poo Wormery

The ultimate solution to dog waste?

A great way to get rid of your dog poo - the Dog Poo Wormery! It's not the cheapest solution, but much better for the planet and the global impact is much more valuable if it helps to reduce landfill.

Dog Poo Wormery:

"The Ultimate Solution to dog waste - get yours now! Dog Poo Wormery - Perfect for disposing of dog waste from all breeds of dogs. The easiest and most efficient way to dispose of your dog's waste.

Dispose of your dog waste safely and easily! A quick, easy and efficient method for recycling dog waste - Nature's perfect answer! The worms will digest the waste and turn it into worm castings.

The dog poo wormery is a proven way to deal with dog waste, has virtually no smells and will prove invaluable to you. Replaces the poly bag pick-up method which contributes to landfill sites and environmental pollution. This is a completely re-usable system for dog owners.

The worm castings can be used safely in your garden. Supplied with full instructions plus: Coir Block to establish the worms in their living environment Worm Feed to give the worms initial nutrition Live Worms or a Worm Voucher Starter Pack FREE fully compostable & biodegradable Dog Poo Bags that worms eat".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Shipping: "We ship to British mainland addresses only at the moment, due to high shipping costs".

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