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Alternative Dog Show / Scrufts Dog Show

Whereas at Crufts, the classy dog show, canine perfection is paramount and pedigree is essential, at SCRUFFTS (also sometimes spelt "SCRUFTS"), an alternative approach is taken to the idea of having a dog show. Dogs do not have to be any particular breed, indeed it is a dog show for mongrels! Whilst this might conjure up images of mutts of various descriptions being brought along and shown in a kind of antithesis of elitism, the truth of it is probably even more diverse. Another good point: I know that in the average shaggy dog story, mongrels are the cleverest of all dogs.

This is all good, and here's a variety of website of or about Scruffts / Scrufts so as to help to promote the idea of alternativeness generally.

So, here are a few links:

www.scruffts.co.uk - in association with PAL Dog Food and The Kennel Club - in their own words: "// Provide alternate content for browsers that do not support scripting // or for those that have scripting disabled. Alternate HTML content should be placed here." Yes! I agree! You SHOULD provide content that actually works in a browser that's got proper security and so doesn't allow all those silly scripting things to run willy-nilly!

Scrufts Fun Dog Show at Animals In Need - was http://www.animalsinneed.fsnet.co.uk/dog%20show%202002.htm

Scrufts K9 at Local Life.co.uk
(Gone - was www.locallife.co.uk/national/petfood3.asp )

(Gone - was http://www.scruffts.co.uk/whatsscruffts.asp )

A Scrufts dog show mentioned at the Horse Club
(Gone - was http://www.horseclub.co.uk/wendron.htm )

www.eastbourne-web.co.uk/sites/canine_concern/scruffts.html - three legged dog wins competition

Pal Scrufts at Melton Mowbray Online - was http://www.meltononline.co.uk/pp/event/eventdetail.asp?ID=4604 - how do you mean "No detail found"?!

Scrufts PDSA Presentation at www.catsup.co.uk

Caithness open dogshow
(Gone - was www.caithness.org/archives/headlinesarchive18june24june2003.htm )

http://www.the-kennel-club.org.uk/index.asp?section=discoverdogs/ddframe.html - Scruffts Dog Show reviewed at The Kennel Club - "This Kennel Club Online Service is currently unavailable" - also see The Kennel Club

Scrufts event mentioned at Gables Farm - was http://www.gablesfarm.org.uk/news_events.htm

Contact on a page at Warrington - was http://www.warrington.cwc.net/diaryoflocalevents.html

www.scrufts.co.uk (gone) - mobile dog grooming

Interesting comment at Oliveweb - was http://www.oliveweb.clara.net/crufts97.htm

Folksworth Folklore - http://members.aol.com/folksworth/folklore/no35.html - another victim of AOL Hometown

Scrufts dog show mentioned at this page of wise advice at Maccvets

Sandra writes:

Hi, you asked for any info on Scrufts. The following is a short account of our local heat.

The Merseyside heat of this years Scrufts competition was held 19/04/04 at Croxteth Country Park in Liverpool. 'Bark In The Park' was sponsored by Pal and Merscough College. There were several heats including, Most Handsome Dog and Prettiest Bitch. This was the first time we've entered Scrufts.

My 10 year old 'Ratbag' Hattie won 'Prettiest Bitch' (over 6 years old). We were very surprised as the only thing she has won before was fourth place in the scruffiest dog class at a fun dog show in aid of Animals in Need. Great fun and glad to help with the fundraising and promotion of dog welfare. She now qualifies for the final held on 14th November 2004 at Earl's Court, London.

So, if you're looking for how to get to show your dog at Scruffts Dog Show, there are some useful points there. There's also the customer helpline on a can of Pal dog food, and the website Scruffs.co.uk - gone, and just relinks to Mars, the Chocolate, not the planet.

It is notable how many of the connections on this page have gone. If you know of some that need to be added, please write in

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