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24 Dogs

If you have an idea for betting on greyhounds, this may be exactly what you are looking for. 24dogs.com is a specialist dog-racing betting service where you can bet on the dogs online, and you have the advantage of an extra information to help you decide on the best bets. There's no guarantee of success with putting money on greyhound racing, but 24dogs.com may give you and advantage. Here's what they say at 24dogs.com in their own words... "24dogs.com is the UK's No 1 greyhound betting service offering quick route betting coverage of more tracks than any other website. 24dogs.com is the only sports betting site that offer tips, results and full race form for greyhounds which enables our users to exclusively view a full history of all dogs running within the official (GRA) Greyhound Racing Association & (GI) Gaming International tracks. 24dogs.com registration is quick and easy and we currently take bets on a more user friendly ‘tote’ basis which enables winners of a race to receive an equal share of the overall pool/amount (similar to the National Lottery). In March 2003 we will also be partnering with a well known bookmaker which means we will also take bets on a fixed odds basis. Also in March we will be introducing an ‘industry first’ online betting concept called ‘Co-mingle’ whereby 24dogs.com punters can bet directly into the larger track side pools".

Unfortunately the affiliate program has gone, so if you'd like to see some alternative links, see bookmakers

We eagerly expect any new developments on a future http://www.24dogs.com affiliate program!