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Chimp Feet

No chimpanzees were harmed in the making of the Chimp Feet website! Infact, the Chimp Feet belong to a human and the website is dedicated to pets and pet lovers.

Chimp Feet:

"Where Did Chimpfeet Get The Name?

This is the question we are always asked. Well now the truth is out - and Nicky Homer, co-founder of Chimpfeet.com supplies the answer.

'Chimpfeet' was a nickname Nicky's husband gave to her a few years ago when she walked across a tiled floor 'slapping' her feet as she went. Tim called her Chimpfeet and the name stuck. Here we are a few years later with a company of the same name.

Chimpfeet - Gifts for Pets and the People they Love.

Chimpfeet offers an extensive range of pet and pet lover gifts for dog, cat, bird and fish lovers. Our range includes decorative glass fish bowls, themed clocks, picture frames, prints and collectibles.

Chimpfeet prides itself on excellent customer service".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Chimp Feet

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