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Hares and Rabbits, and other Lagomorphs

Cute fluffy creatures with long ears. Culturally, rabbits are traditionally known for various things:

Being featured in Conjuring, as their sudden and mysterious appearance is miraculous, especially from out of a previously empty hat.

Self mass-production, as in "to breed like rabbits". The fecundity of rabbits is celebrated in Pagan beliefs, and also in the symbology of some of the products of Ann Summers (over 18 stuff).

Mystical Significance. For example, Alice in Wonderland and down the rabbit hole, a theme reprised in The Matrix. Also, the Mad March Hare at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Donny Darko and a mysterious scary lagomorphic character. In an earlier cinematographic era, Harvey, a 6ft high "white rabbit", a pooka (note that the earlier version of the movie is better). Movies of this like are available from such places as HMV

Hares are known for their speed, as in "the tortoise v the hare", apparent madness as in "Mad March Hare". Hare-brained (notice it's not "hair-brained"), refers to a mad plan, the allusion being to the mad behaviour of hares. Also, the notional thing that greyhounds chase and which people put bets on at the bookies. Plus, the Golden Hare was a prize in the fabled Kit Williams treasure hunt "Masquerade".

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Rabbit paraphernalia was also available from FerretStore and My Pet Universe before they lost their affiliate programs!

Other sites...

Yes, you too can learn to talk with rabbits. See the Language of Lagomorphs

Rabbit Web.net


A "bunny boiler" is a type of stalker, a revenge-seeker, someone who is so infatuated with the person who becomes the victim, that they will do drastic antisocial things versus them. The term comes from the movie "Fatal Attraction" in which an obsessive woman pursues a man, and kills his family's pet rabbit and puts it on the stove to boil. This has stuck in the memory of folk.

Rabbits or Coneys?: The actual word "rabbit" was not used to refer to any adult creature until the 18th Century. Before that the adults were known as "Coneys". These days you seldom see the word "Coneys" to refer to rabbits, although there is a fashion shop, Coneys. Legend has it that in the 18th Century some puritanical people decided that "coney" was a naughty word as it was similar to another word which they were timid about. So, "Rabbit" became a euphemism to refer to the animal.

Rabbits or Hares? There are differences, but the definitions can vary across the Atlantic!

Cemetery enthusiasts are known as "Graveyard Rabbits".

Rabbit, not to be confused with Rabbet, which is a recess cut into the edge of something, usually wood.