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"Art is dead?" asks Bunnoid rhetorically

An announcement has arrived for an interesting artistic project whose start date is 2003/January/16th. Hear ye! Hear ye!

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Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 6:32 PM
Subject: Art is dead

Hello there,

Is modern art all a con? Or is there something to it? Is history dug up from the past? Or is it (like most good stories about our origins) a cunning series of forgeries?

Either way, you can come and judge for yourself on January the 16th. Is it art or is it the merciless exploitation of refuse in the interests of obtaining funding? The saga continues. . .

The event itself is at a thing called The Drum, http://www.the-drum.org.uk. It’s in the Newtown area of Birmingham. Seeing as you’re on the internet to get this email, why not visit their website as it has their address on it and find the location by putting their postcode (B6 4UU) into the map finder at http://www.multimap.co.uk (gone?!) - see maps . If you arrive in Birmingham by public transport, or even if you’re local, it might interest you to know that the bus service from the city centre is regular, with nos. 7, 33., 34, 34A, 39 and 51 passing the venue. About a mile and a half out of the city centre a distinctive Victorian pub – The Barton Arms - is visible on the right hand side of the road, as is a club called ‘The Elbow Room’. The Drum is just near there. The road is going uphill at this point and there are some tower blocks and shops on the left hand side. It’s the first uphill stretch you come to on the way out of town.

I shall leave you to decode the various attachments.

Oh, by the way, the website of the original exhibition we did last year is at http://www.sozocollective.org.uk You’ve probably seen that already. There’ll be another one later in the summer. Interested in exhibiting yourself? Well yes of course you are, but what about your artwork? See us at the do on the 16th and put your name down.

Anyone whom you could pass this on to – we’d be most grateful. Just cut and paste the useful bits of this email and send this and the attachments to everyone in your address book – that’ll rehabilitate you fairly quickly. And make you feel artistic too!

Here’s to a happy and successful 2003.


Bunnoid xxxxxxxxx