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Affleck's Palace

This alternative fashion market in Manchester is staunchly non-mainstream, has at least four floors of shops with alternativeness ranging from intriguing to mind-boggling, and it is not unexpected to find in the "rabbit-warren of passages" as someone put it, such things as a stuffed Abominable Snowman, half a Reliant Robin on the wall as interior decor, and, well there a lot of very curious shops there. Interesting. "It's so weird even I don't look out of place" ... Zyra (2000)

Here's a list of a few of the places in Affleck's Palace, and you are welcome to add some links:

Affleck's Palace - was www.afflecks-palace.co.uk

New website (2011) is: http://www.afflecks.com/

Soho's alternative clothing store
On the top floor of Affleck's Palace and set up about fifteen years prior to 2005. Now has branches all over the North West. Website now LIVE! And with an affiliate program!

Ragamuffin Clothing.co.uk


Louise's Piercing Studio

Fetish in the Palace - was www.fcatp.co.uk

Trash Classique

Ghosts in the Machine


Punk'd Image

American Graffiti - note the unusual spelling of "Graffiti"

Rowfers - or it might be in Hanley?

There are a great many more. Please add!

Can YOU help? e-mail (please note that messages sent here go to Zyra, rather than to the actual site of Afflecks Palace. We're in touch with the friendly people at Affleck's Palace and will be adding new links to the new websites as time goes on. If you're in contact, don't forget to mention ZYRA put the word in).

NEWS! 2001/06: Recently found info:

Physical location: 52 Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PW / UK.

Phone 0161 839 0718 - was 0161 834 2039

Website: www.afflecks-palace.co.uk - Or at least it WAS! Sadly it seems to have been hijacked by a company selling loans. The moral of the story is: Renew Your Domain!

There is a new website which is... http://www.afflecks.com/
The new website is very fancy, but oddly you can't see all of the shops at once. The site seems to be able to display only six at a time, but you can still see them all if you find the little "next" in the bottom-right corner.