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the FerretStore

Supplier of all animal food & accessories.

When The Ferret Store was Founded in 1994, it was one of the first companies to hit the web with a fully functional e-commerce site catering to the needs of ferret owners. Since then, The Ferret Store has become one of the leading on-line pet retailers.In 1997, The Ferret Store launched its print catalogue, which is distributed several times a year. May 2001 marked the first time the catalogue expanded into cat, dog and small animal products.

In their own words: While continued growth is anticipated, the founding principles of quality products, superior customer service, a love for animals and total customer satisfaction will always be The Ferret Store's top priority. (The Ferret Store is a division of NEEPS Inc., a privately held corporation headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.)

What would The FerretStore be without the largest selection of ferret supplies on the planet! Whether you're looking for ferret toys, ferret treats, ferret cages or litter pans, they have just what every ferret owner is looking for. Browse their menu for everything from ferret clothing, to ferret food, to ferret hats! The Ferret Store - Everything ferret, just for you!

The Ferret Store isn't just for ferrets! It is the purrrfect place to find all the best buys for your frisky feline. To ensure the best possible care for your cat they have a complete line of cat care products, cat foods and cat accessories in stock. From cat treats and kitty beds, to cat toys, they've got the goods for kitty!

They've also got a complete line of dog products that are guaranteed to make tails wag. From dog food to dog treats, dog toys to dog crates, whatever you're looking for you'll find it right there.

The bird section will help keep your feathered friend in tip-top shape with a wide variety of bird products including, bird cages, bird treats, bird food and nutritional supplements.

They say their selection of small animal supplies can't be beat. Featuring top quality products from such leading names as Super Pet and Oxbow Hay. Whether it's a new home for your guinea pig or a specialty diet for your prairie dog, you'll find it in the small pets section. Rabbits, Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Mice, Rats, Hamsters and more will love The Ferret Store for all their pet supply needs.

They are currently building up the fish department due to an overwhelming demand from customers.

Pets are as unique as their owners. If you're sharing your home with a unique pet, The Ferret Store may have what you need to make their house a home. Catering for Reptiles, Primates, Hermit Crabs and more.

On a more sombre note; When a beloved Pet dies, you want to provide a dignified burial or cremation. Choose from a tasteful selection of urns, caskets, and headstones for you to honour your pet.

To end on a lighter note; Got a friend who's feeling down? A co-worker who's celebrating the big 4-0? Maybe a neighbour who needs a cheering up? If so, then I particularly recommend you send them a Ferret eCard that's guaranteed to make them smile. Ferret eCards don't require postage because they're free service of the Ferretstore. Simply go to their site from here , select and customise the style of card you want to send and it will be emailed to your chosen recipient.

I don't know what to say now, because the old link to THE FERRET STORE has gone.


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