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Pet Shops

Places that sell pets, pet accessories, pet requisites, etc.

Pet shops are not zoos, anymore than bookshops are libraries!

Pet Supermarket

Millbry Hill

Groomers Online

Cats Protection

Pet Pals Direct - afforable pet insurance

Buy All Means

Medic Animal

Pucci Petwear

Aromatherapy Gold

Best Pet Pharmacy

A Coombs Pet Centre

Exchange and Mart

Pet Drugs Online - welcome back!

Pets At Home

Dog Poo Wormery

Pet Planet - Pet food and accessories

Animal Bargains

Zoo Plus

Countrywide Farmers

GJW Titmuss - All of your furry friends needs!

petPals - Insurance for your best Pals!

Blue Cross - Finding new homes for unwanted pets and stray animals

Petmeds - Drugs for your pets!

One Click Pharmacy - It's not just for humans!

Moving abroad with your pets: Jets 4 Pets.com
which is part of the GFM Global Freight Management speciality freight company

Pet Drugs - online pet pharmacies

Pet Insurance - general animal cover policy

Calendar Club - animal calendars and much more

The following are Dead Links and form an ossuary. It's a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

See Pet Shops Ossuary

As well as this page and the American Petstores category, there is also a Pets category which includes Cats , Dogs , Goldfish , Pigs , Gerbils , Guinea pigs , Rabbits , Horses , and other Animals

Unlike most things you can buy in shops, pets require looking after, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to make a good job of it.

All pets need insurance. You can get pet insurance, or if not, you become in effect your own pet insurer and pay the vets bills, because pets aren't covered by the National Health Service!