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Pet Drugs Online

If your pets need drugs, go to the Internet's number one dealer - Pet Drugs Online. You'll get more drugs than your pets can possibly take!

Pet Drugs Online:

"Pet Drugs Online is a licensed supplier of both Prescription and Non-Prescription veterinary medications. They have been established since 2005 and are run by a team of UK based veterinary surgeons with over 30 years experience.

They are run by veterinary surgeons who provide their customers with all the support and advice they may require as well as offering extremely competitive prices on all of their products.

They pride themselves on providing the best possible service for all their customers and, as pet owners themselves, they are sympathetic to all their customers needs.Pet Drugs Online

They supply everything that a veterinary practice would supply. They buy from the same UK wholesalers which they would use, but sell them for a fraction of the price.

On average a 50% saving can be made. Because they can buy in bulk, they can pass the savings on to their customers. Not only does the customer save money, but the products are delivered directly to their home, which saves them time and hassle".

Update 2011: Pet Drugs Online:

"Pet Drugs Online was founded in 2005 by a team of UK veterinary surgeons to supply both prescription and non-prescription veterinary medications when the law changed to allow distance selling of veterinary medicines. It has rapidly grown from this Pet Drugs Onlinetentative “I wonder if…” foray into online retail to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of brand named veterinary preventative healthcare products and specialist foods. Pet Drugs Online have forged relationships with the manufacturers and the veterinary wholesalers to ensure the very best prices; while our veterinary trained sales team can help with any pet healthcare questions from our customers. So we supply not only great products at great prices but a great service too. Perhaps most importantly because we’re run by working vets and staffed by pet owners, we understand the issues of pet health, medication and costs that our customers face.

Pet Drugs Online – why people shop with us

Amazing prices are undoubtedly the reason most of Pet Drugs Online customers visit for the first time. Indeed, we offer a saving of between 40-70% on the prices charged at vets’ surgeries, but there are many reasons they stay. Firstly our staff can help, by phone or email, Pet Drugs Onlinewhen it comes to choosing a non-prescription product, so offering a level of reassurance rare in online transactions. Then there’s our range, which means pet owners can buy the products they know or trust, not just those promoted in the vets or chemists. Together the prices, service and choice make the Pet Drugs Online offer so persuasive it’s attracted over 115,000 users sign-ups to-date".

It's important to know that such a service as that offered by Pet Drugs Online exists. The fact that you can get your veterinary medicines online, and that the treatments are less expensive that buying pet drugs from the vets, is something worth knowing. (It's a bit like the way toothbrushes can be expensive if you buy directly from a dentist!). Also, as these helpful people running Pet Drugs Online are veterinary surgeons themselves, they know about treating animals and they know about the pet medications market.

As they say "46% of the population that owns a pet will need wormers, flea treatments, foods and prescription medicines on a regular basis. Pet Drugs OnlineFortunately at the vanguard of the pet medications and food markets are highly recognised, high value brands - like Frontline, Drontal, Seraquin, Royal Canin and Hills - which are promoted by their manufacturers on TV, radio and in print".

So, now you have heard about Pet Drugs Online , you can visit the place and get your animal healthcare seen to without it costing too much.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Pet Drugs Online

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