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Pet Drugs

Online Pharmacies which have medicaments for animals

Because pets need treatment when they are ill, and here are the places to get the supplies

Pet pharmacies online:

Pet Bounce - Arthritis, Joint Pain Relief For Cats & Dogs (USA)

Medic Animal - All products are UK sourced and all medicines are dispensed by qualified veterinary surgeons (but up to 60% cheaper than RRP)

Pet Source - prescription and non-prescription pet products (USA)

Best Pet Pharmacy - a leading UK registered online pet pharmacy with over 97,000 products and registered by the British Pharmaceutical Society

US Pets - online pet pharmacy in USA and Canada

Pet Drugs Online - a licensed supplier of both Prescription and Non-Prescription veterinary medications , run by a team of UK based veterinary surgeons.

Total Pet Supply - affordable pet pharmacy online (USA)

Pet Care RX - save money on your pet medications with Pet Care RX, America's leading online pet pharmacy

Vet Approved RX - veterinarian-owned and carry only the highest quality U.S. FDA and EPA approved medications

Petmeds - Drugs for your pets! UK Genuine products

1st Pet Naturals - Natural cures and remedies for your pets, backed by a Veterinarian, and manufactured in Canada.

Healthy Pets - non- prescription medications for pets. U.S.A. EPA and FDA approved

One Click Pharmacy - the UK's biggest and cheapest online pharmacy

TSC Pets - USA - Accessories and drugs for your pets!

Chemist.net - Medications for humans and for animals

Aromatherapy Gold - aromatherapy based products

Also see Pet Insurance - general animal cover policy

When deciding what medication to get your animal, it's best to consult a vet. Vets are the experts at animal treatment and can prescribe your pet with the right pharmaceuticals. However, once you've got the prescription, it's up to you where to buy it. You should always buy from somewhere reputable, and that's why the places chosen to be on here are ones we are sure are OK. Beware of some places because of the problem of fake drugs. We'll have none of that here!

It's also advisable to give pet medication to pets. Although you may assume that as humans are animals you may be OK to take pet medication yourself, you should be careful, as the doses vary considerably between species of animal, and although body weight is a good guideline, it's a long way from being the whole story. If you take horse pills, you may end up the the horspital.

However, if your vet has just prescribed a drug for your pet, you can most likely shop around at places such as the ones listed here, and get the same dose of the same drugs at a cheaper price. This is the advantage of being able to shop online.