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Aromatherapy Gold
For Humans and for Pets

Safe and natural products for both you and your pets at the Aromatherapy Gold website. They have products for the whole family including the animals.

Aromatherapy Gold:

"Aromatherapy Gold has been developing high quality, exciting aromatherapy based products for over twelve years now. This is an innovative business, where exciting aromatherapy based products are developed for adults, children and pets.

What we breathe in and put onto our skin goes into our bodies and thus our blood stream, so why not ensure that some goodness is going in whenever possible? Essential oils offer a very effective and natural way of looking after you and your family, and we provide products that are ready to use and importantly just fit in with normal everyday life!

Perhaps you have a dog who needs an effective no fuss deodorant dog tag to reduce that doggy odour, or a child who needs some of our aromatherapy play dough that helps to calm and unwind, or maybe you just want a good quality shampoo, body wash, hand cream or bath oil with a fabulous selection of essential oils - then we have something in store for you.

Our products are available to buy via our own online shop on this website and via our affiliates and partners, plus a variety of high street retailers, garden centres, spas, vets etc across the UK and internationally.

Aromatherapy Gold specialize in the development and distribution of safe and natural aromatherapy products, made from top quality essential oils and natural ingredients.

This is an innovative business, where exciting aromatherapy based products are developed for children, pets, women and men".

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Aromatherapy Gold

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