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Online Pharmacies
Where to get prescription drugs without prescription (on the Internet, but avoiding spam).

You can buy prescription drugs internationally from a pharmacy without having to get approval from a doctor. The freedom to buy the drugs you want has to be balanced by considerable good sense and responsibility on your part. You take your own risks, so it's best to get some good advice before you make your mind up.

Also, beware that not all places that claim to be online pharmacists actually are genuine! I have heard that some will take your money but not deliver the drugs. To safeguard against this sort of thing, you may be interested to know about Pharmacy Sources, who are experts in spotting the real from the fake, and are also good on the medical advice.

We would like to put some links to online pharmacies on here, with affiliate links, so if you run such a business, please BE IN TOUCH! (provided payment can be by cheque rather than by PayPal!)

Another distinction has to be made between online pharmacies where you can buy prescription drugs without prescription, and online pharmacies where you can buy pharmaceuticals goods as you would in a pharmacy, but not drugs. There's nothing wrong with this, and it's not their fault if they can't sell you medications. To be an online pharmacist in the sense of circumventing the requirement for approval of a doctor, a pharmacy needs to be an OFFSHORE pharmacy, and exempt from various laws of countries, in a kind of "duty free" sense.

Anyway, here are a few online pharmacies and contacts, (Only SOME of these are pharmacies who will sell prescription drugs without a prescription)

Lloyds Pharmacy

Rowlands Pharmacy


Health Express

Asset Chemist

UK Med

Convenience Medical

Home Clinic

Chemist 4 U


The Health Counter

Dr Fox

US Pets

Dokter Online

Pharmacy Place

Medilife Direct


1st Pet Naturals


Pet Health USA

Best Pet Pharmacy

One Click Pharmacy

Shy To Buy

Healthcare 4 All

Chemist Direct

Pet Care Choice

Chemist Online

Troo Healthcare

Private Meds

Pharmacy Fix

The Chemist

Atlantic Drugs

Prescription Giant

HealthPlus Pharmacy (was at awin)

Pharmacy Sources - Online Guide to Online Pharmacies

Garden Pharmacy
"The UK's largest online perfumery and pharmacy"

MicroAce Programme - pain relief system

Virility Health - the aphrodisiac supermarket

Pet Meds - Vet prescriptions online

Pet Drugs Online - pet drug dealer

Medic Animal - the vet busters

Total Pet Supply - online pet pharmacy

Pet Prescription - online pet drugs

Herbal Health

The Online Clinic

1st Vitality.co.uk

Vitamin Way.com - Discount Vitamin Supply - http://www.vitaminway.com/?zyra - shame that's gone as we had an affiliate program there!


Also see Pet Medication

Health Shop Direct (aarc)

We're hoping to add the sort of places where you can get hormones! Watch this space!