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Convenience Medical

Convenience Medical

because your time is precious

Convenience Medical:

"Convenience Medical was founded by a team of doctors driven to provide the highest standard of patient care through innovative technology, bringing medicine into the modern arena. Industries like banking, travel, and retail have transformed their businesses with technology during the past decade.

A customer can check his bank balance, reserve his seat on a plane and purchase his sunglasses online, all from the comfort and privacy of his home. Yet healthcare is the only industry which has been resistant to adopting technology to improve the patient experience of its service, yet in many ways, it is most in need.

The Convenience Medical team is driven by five guiding principles:

1. Place the patients' needs first

2. Maintain the highest standards of clinical care and evidence based practice

3. We believe treatment is a partnership between the doctor and patient, a joint decision

4. Constantly evolve and improve, adapting to the clients' needs and expectations

5. The use of remote medicine to safely diagnose of treat common medical conditions.

Convenience Medical will only:

1. Work with and have medication dispensed by a UK Pharmacy registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council, including Optnear Pharmacy, registered number1034988.

2. Employ British GPs working within the NHS

3. Provide excellent after care support for all our patients

4. Provide next day delivery on all its medication.

Convenience Medical - Online Clinic for Impotence, Obesity and Hair Loss, Sexual Health, Minor Injuries, Heart Disease, Diabetic Assessment, Not Smoking, Back Pain Consultation, Blood Pressure. Qualified & certified doctors provide prescription and consultation in the UK".

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Convenience Medical

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