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Mobile Phones, Cellphones, portable communication equipment. To buy a cellphone, here are some choices...

Callwave *
USA Cell phone, faxes and emails solutions.

Wireless Emporium *

Mobile Pros *

Phone Sale *

Call In Europe *

Vopium *

Cell Hut *

Cellphone Accents *

UXcell *

Wexe *

Decal Girl *

Vuze Plus *

Mobile Lotto Results *

Zon 3D *

Birdys *

Lets Talk USA *

In some countries, these devices are known as Cellphones, while in others, Mobile Phones (sometimes shortened to "Mobiles"). Whereas the mobile phones has a preference for the term "mobile phones", this page has the term Cellphones as the preference. In the USA, "Cellphones" is the more usual term.

We're still sorting the following list...

Carphone Warehouse - We're hoping Best Buy Mobile (Carphone Warehouse America) will have an affiliate program


3 Mobile *

Vodafone *

Vodafone Small Business *

Carphone Warehouse communication centres - for a better mobile lifeNokia *

Sony Ericsson eShop *

Direct Phone Shop *Orange


Virgin Mobile *

Three Mobile AustraliaContinental Mobiles *

3 Mobile Australia *

Bharti Airtel * IndiaT-Mobile UK

3 Mobile Shop *

My Mobiles *Vodafone

Go Green Mobiles *

Phones2uDirect (awin) *

Contact Phones () *O2


Loopy Mobiles * ()

T-Mobile Deutschland * - "Handy"

Leo Mobile *

The Phone Spot *Bharti Airtel India

Talktool *

dabs *

8 Mobile *Toucan

Simply 3G (af) *

101 Mobiles * ()T-Mobile Deutschland

MobileShop *

Fun Mobile *

Lime Mobile - was with DGM Australia *
Australian Mobile Phones

HTCLime Mobile

Mobile Matters * ()

Astra Mobiles * ()

Telecom Blue * ()

Proporta *

Best Priced Brands *O2


Sat Nav 2u *

Truphone Local Anywhere *


www.dial-a-tone.biz (gone)Carphone Warehouse communication centres - for a better mobile life

FM Telecom * (aarc)

Prestophone - was http://www.prestophone.com/ - well that's not much help anymore; it just goes to AOL line checker!


Other helpful stuff to do with cellphones...

The Dangers of Radiation from Cellphone Masts

RemindMeToRecord - SMS Message reminder service for TV and Radio Programmes was http://www.RemindMeToRecord.gotdns.com

Customised Phone Covers - alternatives now include Wrappz and a few other places.

Also see: How to Stop your Cellphone being Stolen

Get paid cash for receiving text messages via Red Alertz * and yes:sms *

Also see RINGTONES, TEXT MESSAGES, and other snazzy cellphone add-ons: RINGTONES ETC

Did you know that old cellphones can be recycled and put back into use, even if you think they are obsolete. Sometimes you can get paid CASH for your old phone. See Cellphone Recycling How about that?!

To put letters and numbers in a cellphone keypad: Letters on Phone Keys

Also see Mobile Phones UK and International

Sat-nav home - how to avoid being victim to a crime so easily

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