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Leo Mobile

Thousands of downloads from Leo Mobile and although you have a huge selection of downloads to select from, there's an added bonus. You can be any star sign to join!

Leo Mobile:

"Grab now LEO unbeatable promotion! A roaring offer that will stun customers with a HUGE load of free downloads, ranging from thousands of ringtones, true tone, real tones to java games, mobile applications and much more. LEO’s database will be updated constantly with all the latest hits, cool games, sexy pics and trendy stuff of the moment.Leo Mobile

How does LEO work?

LEO is the ONLY operator to offer every visitor a HUGE selection of downloads and up to 14 downloads for the first week! The customer just needs to enter his mobile phone number - NO personal information need, NO annoying additional bank account or credit card information to fill in, simply the mobile phone number. Subscription will be easier than ever also thanks to our brand new splash page interface and the deep link system, which guarantee extremely high conversions to our affiliates.

What does LEO offer?

LEO is a weekly subscription service. By joining each customer gets on his first week up to 14 downloads! Each customer will be billed £3 per week and his subscription will continue until the customer chooses to cancel by sending a text to LEO.

Each week every customer will get 10 credits to download the content they want. They can choose from a great selection of premium content (including the latest UK Realtone chart toppers, Games, Leo MobileCelebrity sounds, etc) and non-premium content (Polyphonics, Wallpaper, etc).

Premium content requires 4 credits per download while non-premium content requires only 1 credit. The customer can choose to mix them as they like, totalling 4 to10 downloads per week. That averages only 30 to 75 pence for download. Unused credits will be rolled over to the next week, up to a limit of 40 credits".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Leo Mobile

http://uk.leo.net affiliate program was with Affiliate Window. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, please visit our Mobile Phones page for alternatives.