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Cell Hut

Get yourself a new cell phone without being tied in to an inflated contract deal. Visit Cell Hut and make your choice.

Cell Hut:

You Choose Your Phone, Not Your Service

CellHUT.com is Your One Stop Shop For All Your Wireless Needs. We provide you with latest and most comprehensive information on exotic, business, multimedia, and fashion cellular phones and accessories in the US and Canada. We are proud of the business that we have built since 1996.

CellHut carries a huge variety of international unlocked GSM dual-band, tri-band and quad-band phones that can be used worldwide with different GSM carriers/operators. In addition to offering unlocked phones, we also carry a complete line of genuine accessories for most wireless, mobile or cellular phones.

CellHut is dedicated to offering the latest wireless products – Unlocked Cell Phones, Bluetooths and Accessories at the best prices. We pride ourselves in offering sophisticated service and efficient ordering to make our customers' ordering process a breeze".

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Cell Hut

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