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Places whose names have HUT in

A Hut is traditionally a small shed, shack, or kiosk. For example, a workman's hut (where road menders can have their tea break). Garden huts, or garden sheds, are a speciality provided by a few places in the Garden category. However, there are some businesses whose names have HUT on the end, for stylistic reasons usually. Here are a few...

Pizza Hut

Skate Hut

Cell Hut

Musicians Hut

The Hut

Small buildings have become part of the virtual landscape.

The most important part of A HUT is the roof, and you often see that in logos of companies whose name has "Hut" in it (check those in the list). However, if it's just a roof but no walls then it's a Gazebo rather than a Hut. Besides, "Pizza Gazebo" doesn't have the same panache to it!