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Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Phones

2004: Virgin Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile phone networks in the UK. Virgin, also well known for flights, cola, wine, railways, and putting in a competitive bid versus Camelot in the UK National Lottery, brings you the sale of Pay As You Go / non contract phones.

I'd like to show you the link, but I can't tell if the Virgin Mobile Phones affiliate program is still there or if the stuff has just been revectored. So, here's a helpful suggestion: Have a look at mobile phones, or have a look at Virgin, or even have a look at Virgin.net and see what you can find. I hope the new system is made to work well soon and we can get on with being good for business.

This has been gone a while now, so it looks like this is going to have to be bunged up until they can sort themselves out.