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Pioneering the idea of making money without being boring. A prevalent famous brand, Virgin has become "The New ACME".

Virgin AtlanticVirgin Megastores

Virgin Atlantic


Virgin MegastoresVirgin Wines

Virgin Mobile Phones

Virgin Credit CardVirgin Money - Credit Card

Virgin Radio
Listed from the
e-Radio category

Virgin MediaVirgin Money - Credit Card
The new name for
Virgin.net now including NTL and Telewest

Virgin Energy
Listed from the
Electric Companies category

Virgin ColaVirgin Wines
Listed from the
COLA category

Virgin Trains
Listed from
TrainsVirgin Mobile

Virgin Experience Days
Listed from
Adventurous Gifts

Richard Branson's Oil RefineryVirgin Experience Days
Affiliate program yet to be announced, although bottles of Virgin Olive Oil are already available in the shops ;-)

Virgin Balloon Flights
Flying experiences available!
Virgin Life Insurance

Virgin Galactic
Space Tourism - adventurous flights into space on a privately run spacecraft fleet.

Virgin Life CoverVirgin Balloon Flights
Sir Richard's now offering to insure you for life!

Virgin Home Insurance
Property insurance from those Virgin people!

Virgin Pet InsuranceVirgin Pet Insurance
Let Uncle Richard look after your pets!

Virgin Cancer Cover
Cover against the major types of Cancer, life cover included
Virgin Bingo

Virgin Holidays
Holidays abroad to various countries around the globe with a little help from a well known airline!

Virgin Loan
Lending from Sir Richard, but you have to pay it back of course!
Virgin Media

Virgin Games
Play games with Virgin!

Virgin Bingo
Eyes down for a full house with Virgin!
Virgin Bingo

Virgin Poker
We refuse to comment on the name implications!

Virgin CasinoVirgin Holidays
Play the tables and slots with Virgin!

Virgin Car Insurance
Let Mr Branson look after your automobile!

Virgin CasinoVirgin Vie
Virgin up your lifestyle!

The Virgin Voucher
MrB wants to help you with your gift selection!
Virgin Vie

Virgin, a set of companies run (or at least originally set up by) Sir Richard Branson, a generally well-liked character. Last time I heard he was pioneering tourist flights into space. Sounds like fun. It would be nice if we could have an affiliate program for this too!