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Virgin Loan

Sir Richard's Virgin Money does it again! They've taken the hassle out of finding a loan with their Virgin Loan. Flexible terms and conditions, make this a very attractive option.

Virgin Loan:

"You choose how much, how long and what for?

You can borrow £3,000 - £25,000. Build a shed, buy a camel, fly to the moon... as long as it's legal we don't care. Pay it back over 12-72 months, with or without Payment Protection Cover. You can even choose to defer your loan repayments for the first 4 months. Nice one.

No hidden charges

Thinking about paying your loan off early? Some loans trap you with hidden charges if you try to. Not Virgin. Pay your Virgin Personal Loan off as early as you want without any extra charges, and the sooner you do the more you’ll save in interest.

It's a doddle

Apply online and we'll aim to give you a yes the next working day.

Once you've had the thumbs up, we'll send you a form to sign. We'll usually get the money to you within five working days, but if you need it quicker, no problem - just let us know and it could be in your bank account the day we get your form back.

It could happen to you

What if an accident, illness or losing your job meant you couldn't make the repayments? Sleep easier with Payment Protection Cover".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Virgin Loan

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