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Virgin Credit Card

If you're a UK resident aged 18 or over, YOU can apply for a Virgin Credit Card. Virgin Money presents The Virgin Credit Card. Brief description: 0% interest on balance transfers for 16* months. Design your own credit card from benefits through to design. Choose the interest rate option that suits you.Virgin Money - Credit CardVirgin Money - Credit Card - I think they could have supplied a much more interesting and verbose description, and with a little bit of skill it could have been done so as to have long-term veracity even in a changing market.

When moving balances from another credit card, there is a modest handling fee.

To find out more, I guess you'll just have to visit the Virgin Money website...

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Virgin Money - Credit Card affiliate program was with OMG UK

* Details subject to minor adjustment and change at a moment's notice. To check the exact details at the time of signing up, you should read the shpiel at the official site

Also, whilst we like VIRGIN and generally put up with the Virgin Credit Card's finickiness and fussiness regarding minor changes being alleged to be vitally important and urgent even when we've got more important things to do like explaining about the Gravity on Other Planets and Why You Never See Baby Pigeons, it has been noted in 2009 that caution is advised about having anything to do with the Virgin Credit Card, as they have decided they can suspend affiliates from the program if the customers are found to be not creditworthy. Well, I think that It's Not Fair (because the creditworthiness of a website's visitors is not the affiliate's fault) and so I'll leave this page pending until this is sorted out properly.

Update 2012: This page has now been bunged up. Shame on Virgin Credit Card! See other credit cards instead!