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Virgin Home Insurance

The text may be a little naughty, but the prices aren't! Visit Virgin Home Insurance and see if they cut the cost of your home insurance.

Virgin Home Insurance:

"Enjoy being fired from a cannon? Like being forced to lay on a bed of nails or would you prefer to be spanked by a Mexican wielding a huge cactus until you screamed for mercy? No? Don't like being 'punished'? We didn't think so.

You may be letting your home insurance company punish you every month - why do you do it?

Some insurance companies charge you more for the 'privilege' of paying your home insurance monthly instead of in one lump sum.

At Virgin Money we believe that however you pay for your insurance, monthly or annually, there's just no good reason for you to get punished by paying extra. So quite simply you don't, because the only people we believe in punishing are our competitors.

We regularly check our rival's prices to make sure that we charge you a really competitive rate - in fact it's so good you could save money on your home insurance just by switching to us. You can choose buildings insurance, home insurance or both and if you already have Virgin car, pet or annual travel cover you will receive an additional 10% off of your quote. Feel relieved? Well, that's not all!

So let Virgin alleviate the pain of paying for your home insurance monthly and switch today - that is unless you really enjoy being punished!

Virgin Money - No Funny Stuff Just Money Stuff!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Virgin Home Insurance

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