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Virgin Vie

Do you think that Virgin Vie can change your life? They don't claim they can, but take a look below and you might just be surprised.

Virgin Vie:

"At Virgin Vie At Home our ethos is simple - we're all about making great products at a price that's affordable.

We won't make unrealistic claims that promise to change your life or make you look 20 years younger, what we will tell you is the honest truth about every product we make.

So, if something has been proved to be effective, we'll tell you about it and you can be 100% sure we're being honest. After all, we called our brand 'Vie', the French for life - because we believe that life is for living.

Virgin Vie at Home is the largest Party Plan Company in the UK. We pride ourselves on our reputation for creating gorgeous cosmetics, beautiful jewellery and inspiring homeware".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Virgin Vie

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