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also see Phone-Related things, Mobile Phones, Radio, VOIP, Satellite, Internet Service Providers, Post, and Message in a Bottle

Communications companies

Telephone companies and other companies in the communications business

BT ShopBritish Telecom
Also see
BT Shop and BT Mobile

Alpha Telecom *

Talk Talk * - Free UK Phone Calls

Alpha TelecomContact Telecom () * - New Zealand from 4.5p/min

uSwitch *
Comparison of different providers

Energy Helpline Business *
Comparison of different providers

Tiscali Smart Talk *
Also see
Tiscali (ISP)Phone

Swiftcall * - Low-Cost International Phone Calls (awin)


Startec *


IDT Calls *

World SIM *

Tep Wireless *

Post Office Home Phone *

PhoneShark * USANTL Home - Great Value Entertainment

Equitalk * (td)

Bharti Airtel * India

HomeCall *
by Caudwell Communications


Tesco Home Phone *

Servista *Bharti Airtel

Ventus Telecom

Telegrams OnlineTele 2

first:telecom * (awin)

1st 4 PhoneCards *

1877 OneTel * 0800 0957 0020 UK.Homecall Also see Zyra 3 Website. OneTel Free Directory Enquiries

Phone Company in Australia

Universal Telecom of Australia
Universal Telecom is one of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in the world. The company provides telecommunication services to governments, businesses and residential customers through one of the largest networks in the world.
()a (affiliate link gone)Orange

PalTalk USA *
Social Networking and CHAT

Liquid Telecom (af) *
Liquid Telecom provides low cost high quality account-based telephony service to both residential and business customers. We offers several account options including Carrier Pre-Select options, that will route calls automatically via our network, and an AccessAnywhere facility that will keep customers connected to low cost calls from any touch-tone phone worldwide.
Virgin Media

Conferencing Direct * (affutur)
Web, video and audio conferencing, application and document sharing plus lots more, all in one simple package. 100+ simultaneous users. ConferencingDirect.com delivers a host of features normally associated with products 10 times it's price!

Communications Direct AVOID! since exposé on BBC Money Programme 2007/10/26 revealing iffy telesales tactics

Orange *Powergen

Callwave * communication solutions

Virgin Mobile *SKYPE

Thuraya - was http://thuraya.pl
of Poland. Satellite communication, satellite phones, satellite Internet. Also see: in English: http://english.thuraya.pl/ - just relinks to http://www.satprnews.com/

Skype * as with other VOIP, for phone calls through the Internet

Verizon * also in the VOIP line of business

MercuryPublic access Multiphones

Euphony - was http://www.robinfaulkner.etbsuccess.com/ - comes up with The enroller's site you are trying to visit is not active at this time.

Virgin Media *

NRG Communication: Link removed as they failed to link back as agreed!
Office Phones - Nortel, Avaya, Toshiba, and NEC Business Phones

Vonage - VOIP


Nokia *Orange

Vodafone *

Belize Telecom
Also see the Belize Telephone Directory and other stuff about Belize

Telefonica Chile

Dialspree Internet-Phone *

Payless: Insurance, Credit & Long Distance
Learn how you can payless on your long distance, credit and insurance bills.Talk Talk

Post Office Telephones *
"Post Office Telephones", seen on inspection covers, was also the name of
British Telecom before the change, as per Post Office Tower

Cheap Long Distance.us : Domestic and International Rates - Compare long distance rates and discount phone service providers nationwide USA. Local and long distance service, phone cards, international calls

Cat Solutions Ltd - was http://www.catsolutionsltd.com

Howbel (http://www.howbel.com Gone!)
This is something a bit different! Localised phone services. You can set up your own phone company in the UK! It's a long-term business plan. Hard work and commitment required, but I have heard you could make a million pounds in seven years. Talk to Clive Waters and mention you saw this link on the ZYRA website.

Gem Telecom - was www.gemtelecom.net

PocketDial UK

AT&T 0800 890011 UK


www.long-distance-internet-access.com (gone)

Cable & Wirelessscanner

One 2 One - domain http://www.one2one.com lost

Eagle Systems International - Gone! And domains such as http://www.eaglesystems.eu.com are not official Europe domains anyway! See Choosing your domain name

Excel Communications - was http://www.excel.com/eur/index.asp

Diamond Cable - see ntl - 0800 952 252 UK

1363 VarTec 0800 0925 200 UK - was http://www.vartec-europe.com

Planet Talk (cheap international calls) 0800 036 2010 UK - was www.planettalk.co.uk - lost to cybersquatters

TeleMart (was www.telemart.tv) (FREE local calls when you spend £5/month on long-distance calls) 0800 970 6088 UK

Talk Gas - was http://www.talkgas.com


Advanced Group 0800 0282299

Anglia Telecoms (was http://www.it-plc.com) 0800 716196


Also see
Sony Ericsson *

GKC Communications (was http://www.loweryourphonebills.com)

* = we have an affiliate link there!