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This page deals with the goings-on to do with things going around in space, whether they be weather satellites, satellite TV systems, satellite navigation, or other types of satellite. You may be interested to know that if you look at the night sky on a clear night for a few minutes, you can sometimes see satellites going over. This is explained on the page of basic astronomy. From a more earthly perspective, satellites provide a variety of useful services, and some of them are listed here, with contacts...

Satellite TV

Digital and Satellite Television


Freeview Digital Television

DirecTV - Rapid Satellite

VMC Satellite

Alternative Satellite Television

Satellite TV cable

HomeChoice Cable TV and Internet

TV Cables .co.uk

Sky Digibox recycling

The Spirit of The Shortwave

Satellite Navigation

Alternative Satellite Navigation


The first GPS Global Positioning System

Galileo GPS

Pure GPS

GPS : Global Positioning System


GPS Watch

Sat Nav 2u

Sat-Nav Home

SAT-NAV: Satellite Navigation

GPS and Sat-Nav Suppliers

Satellite Internet / Satellite Broadband

Tariam Satellite Communications

Weather Satellites

A few resources connected from Weather

Satellite Orbits

Orbit - how orbiting works

Geostationary Orbit - how satellites stay up there

Very Basic Astronomy - how to see satellites


other things...

Traakit - revolutionary new satellite alerting system, that aims to protect your most treasured items.

Also see I Thought The Year 2000 Would Have Been Better Than This! , Communications companies , DGM Travel Maps , The Dangers of Radiation from Mobile Phone Masts , Earth's Poles are Going to Flip? , Radio Astronomy , Radio and Telecommunications , Radio Interference - what you can do about it and a few other things.

Incidentally, in the early history of spaceflight, it was believed that satellites would have to be huge space stations with astronauts onboard to service the valve equipment. Modern miniaturisation has changed that model of space satellites so much that a satellite can be the size of a bucket and still have all the internal microelectronics to do the job it's been put up there for.