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Meteorological Office UK *

NOAA - Satellites and amazing photography

Accuweather International Weather

Weather.gov - NWS - US weather centre

BBC Weather   /Sci-Tech

UCAR.edu - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Weather in the UK

Thermohygrographs can be used to monitor weather. However, they are more often used to monitor lack of weather!

You're more likely to be struck dead by lightning than you are to win the Lottery? WRONG!


the World Meteorological Organisation's global warming alert - was http://news.independent.co.uk/world/environment/story.jsp?story=421166


Picture of a Rainbow

Snow Gear

Cats trying different doors to see if the weather is better out of any of them and if any are the door into summer

* UK Met Office. The science there is some of the best meteorology in the world, but when the British weather forecasts are presented they are tamed down, with no probability information and no Jetstream, as if folks are insufficiently intelligent to understand.

DIY weather forecasting. Previously this was done by ceremonial gentle tapping of a barometer. These days you can get a USB weather station from Maplin to plug into your computer. Measures temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, hygrometry (humidity), rainfall, and other things.

Temperature and humidity measurement is also a feature of the page about an Adventure of a Thermohygrograph which involves and unusual scientific experiment. Meanwhile, if you're interested in questions about the mystical art of divination, there's a page about astrology... I mean Barometrology

In most offices the office chairs have five small wheels, and in some offices, there are three wheels on each of the office chairs. But how many little wheels are there on the office chairs at the Meteorological Office? I can tell you, on the seats at the Met Office, they have four casters.

(HINT: If the comment (right) does not appear to make sense, try reading it out to a few people and see if anyone can explain it).