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Ventus Telecom

Roam far and wide with your mobile phone and get cheap calls with Ventus Telecom. With their prepay SIM card you should be able to save a pretty penny.

Ventus Telecom:

"Ventus Telecom are the providers of a low cost, prepay international SIM card for mobile phones. The SIM card can be used in over 130 countries worldwide thus avoiding expensive roaming charges.

The International SIM card is the essential choice for any multi-country travel. The Ventus SIM card offers a saving of up to 85% compared to normal roaming charges.

This global prepaid SIM card can be inserted as usual in an unlocked mobile phone and the user can benefit from low-priced tariffs for international calls to and from abroad as well as for domestic calls.

We can offer single accounts & corporate accounts.

Main benefits:

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Ventus Telecom

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It's odd, but the Ventus Telecom website seems to have disappeared.