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UK Telecom

With Tele2 you can talk for as long as you like! This is an unmetered access telephone service. In the words of Tele2: "Tele2 is the fastest growing telecom operator in Europe and offers fixed and mobile telephony, Internet access, data networks, cable TV and content services. In the UK, Tele2 is the price-leader for quality fixed-line services. In June, 2004, Tele2 launched even lower prices in the UK.Talk for as long as you like! Tele2 The new pricing structure includes: 1. No hidden costs or monthly subscriptions 2. 4p for any local or national call made in the evening or at the weekend, up to an hour (1p per minute thereafter) 3. 2.5p a minute for peak rate calls and for international calls to most of Europe, North America and Australia - all charged per second. Changing to Tele2 is easy, all it takes is to sign-up online www.tele2.co.uk. After registration a letter will be sent informing the customer of their switch over date and explaining the process. There is no long-term contract and customers are able to cancel the service at any time, without penalty".

Tele2 UK Chief Executive Bill Butler comments: "Tele2’s pricing structure does exactly what it claims to do: it offers great value with no hidden costs and allows customers to pay only for the calls they make".

Unlimited calls to UK landlines (01/02 numbers) for only £9.95 a month. For calls abroad from the UK, save money on International Calls with Tele2: Save Up To 88% on your phone calls when you join Tele2. From 2.5p/min for international calls! Amazing rates from Tele2. No connection charge, no monthly fee. For UK calls, you can save Up To 40%. No connection charge and no monthly fee. For Calls To Mobiles with Tele2, you can save up to 15%, from 3.15p/minute.Tele 2Tele 2


www.tele2.co.uk and https://www.tele2uk.com/ affiliate did good mainly to. We hope they will start a new program in the new year! In the meantime you can visit other Telecommunications companies at this site. Note: 2011/03 the domain www.tele2.co.uk has been cybersquatted.

Special note by the affiliate: Please sign up ONLINE; Don't phone. It is an embarrassment to see the company has put a phone number online which leaves us not being paid. This is in contrast to companies who have got this right, for example Swinton Insurance where we are credited for calls. I hope this is resolved reasonably amicably. We try to be fair to everyone. In the meantime, please sign up online!