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Swinton Insurance

Swinton is a well-known name in Insurance. If you live in the mainland UK and you have a reasonably standard relatively new car you can get a competitive insurance quote from Swinton. Swinton have a computer system which compares insurance rates from different insurance companies and quotes you the best.

In their own words: "Swinton offer competitive online Car Insurance quotes from 16 of the UK's leading car insurers over the Internet. Immediate cover 24 hours a day. Payment options available. Pay by debit card, credit card or convenient monthly payments".

Well worth giving this a try:


http://www.swinton.co.uk-link.info/ affiliate program is with OMG UK

If you find Swinton give you a direct quote, that's great! If not, make sure you close the on-exit pop-up! See How to Stop Annoying Pop-ups

Special update: We used to have a free telephone number for Swinton, but it has gone, (temporarily, hopefully).

Also, if you're in the TAXI business, you may find Swinton Taxi Insurance of interest.

If you have a motorhome to insure, you may be interested in Swinton Motorhome Insurance